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i just want attention from horny men in my area

flannel is the sluttiest thing a they can wear

do i want to buy a sundress just so i can get railed in it?

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high enough it has me wanting to message “choke me daddy” at some twinks

what if we made wide willy wednesday a thing

haha jk … unless?

attaching a vinyl stylus to my penis, call that a dicktrola

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there are 2 kinds of post on lobsters:

- further results on the isomorphism between immix rc and generational mark/sweep garbage collectors

- sql: why you should have an index

my gender is chipped nail polish and a shiite bleach job

i successfully got a landlord big mad on twitter dot com

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A gay pride anthem thats a parody of “Fortunate Son” called “Faggoty Son”

just took some fantastic photos of my ass, ama

there are two things we don’t allow in this house:
- gender
- pants

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what’s that? it’s fat cock friday? again???

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