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as a real stickler for the correct dd/mm/yyyy calendar format, i will not be celebrating the weed holiday for another fifteen and a half months

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i prefer music over podcasts because i would rather have a bunch of feelings than ever learn a single thing

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anyone here partake of the we'ed plant aka the devils lettuce

shoutout to that guy i once saw playing the hang drum in a park. one of the coolest instruments available. expensive though

"rise and grind" they said. "420 blaze it" they said. so i did it

nothing like letters. numbers. other glyphs. nothing like em!

i'll just let you toot on here. watch. i'll toot a number

thinking about how cringe it will be when i hear "WE DIDNT START THE FIRE" during someones bad experience w a grill

whats some other nostalgic shit

to be very clear. aliens need to have hogs tits ass lips eyes Jigglers and a big heart

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i never want to be called a "specimen" unless its by a hot alien with big hog and tits and they're observing me

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