HTML RFC 2021.1
- addition of <pulse>
- addition of <gyrate>
- replacement of <p> with <pulse>
- replacement of <bold> with <thicc>
- adoption of onMonetize() window action
- adoption of onClimax() window action

Can someone reset my weighted lists? Getting a lot of Link fanart recommendations

Idea: a baha blast flavoured water elemental as the campaign end boss

how is it fair that I’m not a old woman living in a lighthouse

My gf just asked me what "poggers" is and then accused me of being british.

This is what emotional labor looks like.

TFW the glow of your RGB RAM heat sink is brighter than your future

Finally, I can know what it is to be " it worked on my machine"-d

My first sub/Dom experience is trying to get this internal USB-3 connector with bent pins to insert

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